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Pillars: A study in Foundations of Civilizations

PILLARS is our world view primer. It provides an easy-to-use format for study of biblical principles of the five spheres found in the PEERS Test (Politics, Economics, Education, Religion and Social Issues). PILLARS is offered to Christian schools and home schooling families as a supplement to a Bible class at the high school level. PILLARS is also being effectively used as an adult study for small groups or Sunday School classes.

Enhanced Position Papers: College level papers

Set of 27 papers covering test items most frequently missed from the PEERS Test. The papers are written for college/adult use, approximately seven pages per test item. The papers give strong scriptural support for why a test item should have been agreed with or disagreed with, as determined by Nehemiah Institute. Bibliography list included for further study on topic addressed in specific test item.

Nehemiah: Rebuilding the Broken

A study on the Book of Nehemiah with unique annotation features. Focus on "rebuilding the fallen city."

Political Correctness: A Deceptive and Dangerous Worldview

Marxism in the Classrooms. Here is the true story of how and why America’s public education system was hijacked nearly 100 years ago by European Marxists to advance their quest for worldwide Socialism. The phrase Political Correctness was adopted to deceive the public from the true agenda. If you can only buy one book, this is it. It is truly a must-read for every Christian, especially for pastors and parents of school-age children.

Get Wisdom! Making Christian Heroes of Ordinary People

Get Wisdom! Making Christian Heroes of Ordinary People recovers the historic Biblical tools for taking all of life’s concerns captive to the obedience of Christ. This curriculum in applied faith thinking trains the rigorous foundation needed to make Christian education, every vocation, and all life’s activities thoroughly Biblical in practice. Decades of successfully training parents, teachers, and others in a very short time recommends this book. Invest now and have instantaneous Biblical thinking always available.